Tell Governor Terry McAuliffe to do the right thing—for Virginia and for our climate—and ensure real pollution cuts under the Clean Power Plan.

This is the most important decision Governor McAuliffe will make on climate change.

He needs to hear from every Virginian who cares about clean air and a healthy planet.

Join the Statewide Day of Action on April 2nd:

On April 2nd, climate activists across the commonwealth will join together, calling on Governor McAuliffe to cut carbon now. In Richmond, we will deliver thousands of petitions to Gov. McAuliffe. At the same time, citizens will rally in communities all over the state. Click here to find your local event and RSVP.

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To Governor McAuliffe:

The Clean Power Plan presents your greatest opportunity as Governor to fight climate change and strengthen our economy, creating new clean energy jobs and saving money for families.

You can secure these clean energy benefits for all Virginians by limiting the pollution from both existing and new power plants. Dominion’s dirty power plan will dramatically increase, rather than decrease, both carbon pollution and consumer costs.

We call on you to deliver to the people of Virginia a truly Clean Power Plan that cuts carbon pollution and ensures the health and prosperity of Virginians for generations to come.