Governor Terry McAuliffe will soon make a major decision about the air we breathe and the climate our kids inherit in Virginia.

The Governor—and he alone—must decide how our state will implement President Obama’s Clean Power Plan.

This plan, released in August 2015, sets specific goals for Virginia and all other states to reduce carbon pollution from power plants. As sea levels rise, farms flood, and asthma increases in Virginia, less pollution is something we urgently need.

But incredibly, Dominion Power—Virginia’s biggest polluter—wants to increase pollution under this clean power plan. 

What Dominion wants:

Dominion is asking Gov. McAuliffe to apply new federal rules only to power plants ALREADY built in Virginia.

Dominion’s plan would allow the company to build new fossil fuel power plants for years to come—burning more fracked gas supplied by dangerous pipelines, and increasing the carbon and methane pollution wrecking our climate.

What Virginia needs:

Gov. McAuliffe can and must design a state plan that reduces pollution from ALL sources using real solutions: Solar, wind and greater efficiency.

Only this approach will reduce childhood asthma, help slow rising sea levels and related flooding in our communities, and move Virginia to a new clean energy economy.